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Winery Chateau Barka from Lebanon

Winery Chateau Barka from Lebanon
Geagea Family
Château BARKA, founded in 2009, is a family-owned business opereated by the five brothers of the Geagea family.
The winery was named after the village of family: Barka, a mountain village in the north of the Bekaa valley. Their vineyards are 1450 m above sea level enjoying ideal climatic conditions for viniculture.
Barka Village in Lebanon
Soil of Lebanon
The highly fertile terroir of is another component of the exceptional quality of Château Barka. They produce around 150,000 bottles of red, white and rosé wines per year.
Harvest of Chateau Barka
Vineyards of Chateau Barka
Harvest of Chateau Barka
Vineyards of Chateau Barka

Atargatis 2019


(18,67 € pro Liter)

Clear and bright yellow colour. Floral on the nose with an intensice and fresh scent of white fruits. Smooth, easy and refreshing on the palate with an impressive taste of exotic fruits undermindes by a well-balanced but notable acidity.

Chateau 2012


(66,00 € pro Liter)

Dark red colour with violet reflexions. Fruity and remarkable in the nose with a bouqhet of plums, cloves, violets. Full-bodied and intensive on the palete with aromas of dark berries, licorice, candied cherries and hints of vanilla. The finale unfolds a beatuiful play between a well-balanced acidity and sibtle nuances of herbs and tabbacco.

Talliya 2014


(21,33 € pro Liter)

Dark red colour with single orange reflections. Minerals und fruity on the nose with a harmonic scent of dark berries. Fresh, well-structures and elegant on the palate with an impulsive aroma of ripe red fruits and a nice present as well a well-balanced touch of acidity.

Tanit 2019


(19,33 € pro Liter)

Intensive shining salmon colour. A refreshing and aromatic rose with a floral nose and a sweet scent (candy-like) of red fruits such as straw- & rasberries. Extotic, refreshing and fruity on the palate with an intensive taste of sweet cherries and cassis followed by a harmonic and well-balanced acidity.