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Winery Chateau St. Thomas of Libanon

Winery Chateau St. Thomas of Libanon
Said Touma
Said Touma had the dream of producing great wines for the international market after the end of the Lebanese civil war. Doing this by follwoing the ancient wine-growing traditions of his home country. The wine enthusiast began planting the first "Noble Grapes" on the slopes of the Lebanon Mountains at an altitude of over 1,000 metres in 1993. He initially cultivated 20 hectares after 40 years of experience including his long stays in France and Italy.
He founded the winery on a slope looking over the majestically Beqaa-Valley in 1997 together with his five children Nadia, Nathalie, Claudine, Micheline & Joe Assaad (left) and named it Clos St. Thomas (Arab Mar Touma) after his surname. Assaad, an oenologist who studied in France, is now in charge of the winemaking. Their investment was around 4 million dollars and enabled them to vinify and bottle the first vintage in 1998. 1999 the first wines wines were released on to the market.
Said Touma from Chateau St. Thomas
Wine cellar of Chateau St. Thomas
Les Gourmets Rouge, Blanc and Rosé are their uncomplicated entry-level wines. The full-bodied and flavoured Château St. Thomas, which is made from Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, matures in new French barriques. One world class wine.
This was also confirmed by the English wine critic Oz Clarke: "Clos St.Thomas makes amazing red wines". White wines too - these are extremely balanced and with harmonious acidity. Made in a natural wine cellar, which was drilled into (up to 20 meters deep) the rocks of the mountain. These wines are stored at constant 16°C and in ideal natural conditions.
Wine critic Oz Clarke
Vineyards of Chateau St. Thomas
They have currently planted 65 hectares with grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Chardonnay, Cinsault, Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir, Merlot, Muscat de Hamburg, Syrah and Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano). "Even better than organic", says Joe Assad, and therefore no certification is needed.
The annual production is 1 million bottles. 70% of which are exported. The main customers are Europe, Canada, but also Japan and some Arab countries. Importantly, St. Thomas is known for its long family tradition regarding a first-class Arak
Arak Touma
Harvest of Chateau St. Thomas
Cellar of Chateau St. Thomas
Harvest of Chateau St. Thomas
Harvest of Chateau St. Thomas

Chardonnay 2010 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Chardonnay 2010


(18,00 € pro Liter)

Shiny gold-yellow colour. This wine reveals an expressive bouquet of green apples, pinaples and guave with a woody hint of butter in the nose. Fruity and well-balanced on the palate exposing distinct aromas of sweet white fruits.

Chateau 2009 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Chateau 2009


(32,00 € pro Liter)

Dark purple colour with garnet red reflections. This complex red wine develops a unique oaky bouquet of soaked fruits, red and dark berries with a dominating note of violet. A powerful and delicous taste of black currants and blackberries on the palate, which later turns into a long-lasting and aromatic finish with subtle tannins.

Les Emirs 2012 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Les Emirs 2013


(17,20 € pro Liter)

This well-balanced and structured red wine has a dark red colour. Smoky in the nose with impressive scents of coffee, tabacco and ceder wood. Full-bodied and fruity on the palate with subtle tannins, a juicy cherry aroma and harmonic vanilla notes.

Les Gourmets 2015 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Les Gourmets Red 2016


(10,53 € pro Liter)

This complex red wine has a cherry red colour. An enduring bouquet of ripe cherries, pepper and dark dried berries with harmonic hints of licorice and minerals in the nose. Full-bodied, fruity and juicy on the palate accompanied by a soft acidity and subte tannins.

Les Gourmets 2017 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Les Gourmets Rose 2017


(10,53 € pro Liter)

This summerly rosé wine has a bright salmon-pink colour and a very stron personality. The nose is fruity and reveals a seductive bouquet of sweet straw- and raspberries. Fresh and smooth on the palate with spicy aromas of red fruits and a juicy finish.

Les Gourmets 2015 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Les Gourmets White 2017


(10,53 € pro Liter)

This fresh white wine has a bright green-yellow colour and is rich in minerals. An intensiv scent of pears, tea leaves, lemons and lime in the nose. Fresh and aromatic on the palate with a well-balanced acidity and a round (slightly sweet) finish.

Obeidy 2013 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon
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Obeidy 2013

€75.60 -30% €52.92

(11,76 € pro Liter)

Very light color. Citrus fruits with mineral floral notes in nose with hint of sweet spices and white peach aromas. Refreshing, well balanced acidity with citrus notes in the ends. This wine was part of the lebanese mosaic project, which was developed to preserve indigenous grapes.

Pinot Noir 2009 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Pinot Noir 2009


(26,53 € pro Liter)

This elegant and well-balanced red wine has an intensive cheery red colour. Spicy and fruity in the nose with hints of cinnamon. Full-bodied and complex on the palate with a distinct taste of red fruits and a well-rounded acidity.