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Winery Chateau Heritage from Libanon

Winery Chateau Heritage from Libanon
Dr. Dargham Touma got the know-how of producing of arak and wine from his ancestors: His great-grandfather Jibran Elias Touma founded the famous Arak distillery Touma in 1888.
Family Touma
Héritage has only existed since 1997, although older vintages date back to 1988. Founder and winemaker Dargham Touma already started to vinify wine when he was at home during his study breaks. He studied oenology at UC Davis in California, where he developed his phiosophy to produce premium wine in the traditional way.
He uses both the old method of using open fermentation tanks and the more modern method of working with closed tanks. "The first method has often been abandoned by producers because of its complexity, but it gives the wine a particularly intense colour and aroma," says Dr Touma. At the turn of the millennium, Héritage introduced Château 1992 Millenium, a Lebanese Grand Cru made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Mourvèdre.
Dargham Touma in the wine cellar
Dr. Dargham Touma in the wine cellar
He only produced 22,345 bottles of this wine. In addition to the Héritage label, Dr. Touma has created the popular brand "Le Fleuron", which is less traditional. They are uncomplicated and sublte wines with a mainstream style for younger consumers. His red wine is a juicy, fruity and easy to drink Cinsault-based wine. One of his favourites.
His premium product, Cuvée Château Héritage, matures in new barriques for up to twelve months and only produced in the best years. His aperitif is another speciality produced according to a traditional recipe of the Touma family and made of wine and walnuts. This recipe comes from the lebanese monasteries.
Barrels of Chateau Heritage
Winery Chateau Heritage
The Château Héritage is located in Kab-Elias in a 1927 building that was previously been a school and was partially destroyed during the civil war. Dargham Touma bought the bulding in 1996 and rebuilt it into his winery. He has invested over four million dollars for a new cellar since then. The old walls and inner courtyard make this building look particularly charming.
Dr. D, as he likes to call himself, was initially responsible for everything himslef until his two brothers, who are responsible for administration and export, joined him on his adventure. In the first year, 1997, he produced around 35,000 bottles, in 2008 it increased up to 500,000 bottles. In the meantime, the maximum capacity of the winery has been reached one million bottles.
Wissam & Dargham Touma
Vineyards of Chateau Heritage
20% of the grapes come from their own vineyards. The other 80% are bought from wine growers. Their cultivation is regularly controlled by the Heritage team. The vineyards are located in the Bekaa Valley near Kefraya and Mansourie. They also have vines on the ridge of the Antilibanon Mountains at 1,300 m above sea level.
The grapes for his premium wines grow at a high altitude. They are exported to Europe, especially to France, but also to Jordan, the Arab Emirates and Japan. The company has twenty full-time employees. Close by is the winery Clos St. Thomas from Said Touma, who is uncle.
Grapes of Chateau Heritage
Barrels of Chateau Heritage
Harvest of Chateau Heritage
Harvest of Chateau Heritage
Barrels of Chateau Heritage