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The story of Karam Wines is simultaneously the tale of two brothers who grew up on the vineyard of their ancestors.
Habib Karam
The eldest, Habib Karam (on the right) keept watching the sky for airplanes hovering over their vineyards when he was a boy wishing he was up ther. He eventually became a pilot fly heavy jets. But when he flew over his vineyards he started dreaming of beeing down there making his own wine.
His younger brother, also a wine lover, initially turend his passion into his profession and became a successful grape trader, wine importer and wholesaler in the USA.
Family of Karam Wines
View of Jazzine in Lebanon
The two brothers had often thought of the fact that all grapes vinified in Lebanon come from the Bekaa Valley. This initaited their idea of reviving old vine fields and diversifying the range of Lebanese wines by developing new flavours in wingrowing regions such as Jezzine, which deep in the south of the country.
It didnt take long until the started planting vines and inorder to creating great wines. His brother then took care of distribution. Theiy vinification is carried out according to an old tradition with modern methods.
Vineyards of Karam Winery
Barriques of Karam Wines
The winery took off and recieved a silver medal for some of their first wines such as Saint John, a blend of Syrah 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30% and Merlot 20%. Karam Wines is an excellent example of what can happen when you let your dreams fly!
Family Karam
libanesisches Weinfeld von Karam Wines
Aussicht von Jezzine
libanesisches Weinfeld von Karam Wines

Arc-En-Ciel 2012

€19.00 -20% €15.20

(20,27 € pro Liter)

This wine has a pale salmon-rosé colour and an intense fruity scent in the nose. The palete is fresh and juicy with ell-balanced aromas of red fruits such as raspberiesy and strawberries.

Cloud Nine 2012

€16.00 -20% €12.80

(17,07 € pro Liter)

This crisp white wine has a pale yellow colour with green reflections and an aromatic bouquet of passion fruits, green apples, pineapples and grapefruits. The palate ist crisp, fullbodied and well-balanced, which turns into a long finish with a alively acidity, minerals and great depth.

Saint-John 2006


(31,46 € pro Liter)

This fruity dry red was made out of handpicked grapes and vinified with special techniques. A supremely velvet sensation on the palate with a fruit-filled longevity.

Syrah de Nicolas 2007


(29,33 € pro Liter)

This fruity dry red wine has a deep ruby red colour and was made out of handpicked grapes and vinified with special techniques. Impressive notes of ripe fruits, licorice and vanilla in the nose. Fresh, supple and long with nicely structured tannins on the palate.

Thouraya 2007 Rot


This fruity dry red was made out of handpicked grapes and vinified with special techniques. A rich bouquet of ripe fruits and chocolate aromas in the nose. Rounded tannins and an enduring balanced structure on the palate.