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Winery Batroun Mountains from Lebanon

Winery Batroun Mountains from Lebanon
Batroun Mountains is a small family-run winerylocated 60 km north of Beirut in the mountainous region of Lebanon. Its vineyards contains 35,000 vines on 11 hectares of land, which is situated 400m to 1500m above sea level. The vineyards are on individually terraced fields a form of landscape design is intended to counteract soil erosion.
Family Hark
The philosophy of the Hark family is that only first-class grapes can produce premium wines. Therefore each vine requires excellent soil conditions. Therefore, the family has determined to follow a strong desicpline and strict self-imposed rules in order to cultivate and vinifie sustainalbly.
After pruning, all the removed plant parts are shredded and worked into the soil to supply the plants with natural and healthy nutrient. The family particulary values green harvesting and selective pre-selection in order to maintain high quality. Harvesting is carried out manually. Only organic products are used for fertilizing and spraying.
Harvest of Batroun Mountains
Harvest of Batroun Mountains
The efforts of the Hark family are paying of well: Their wines and grapes are awarded the IMC organic certificate for organic cultivation every year. Batroun Mountains produces five red wines, three white wines and one rosé. The annual production totals 60,000 bottles. .

Arak 7 Batroun Mountains


(43,33 € pro Liter)

Arak 7 from Batroun Mountains is a special arak from Lebanon, which was made from exactly seven grape varieties. This thus gives the brandy a certain versatility, which is also clearly felt in the aroma. The bouquet is impulsive but also very fine. Furthermore, this aromatic and but very elegant Lebanese arak can be drunk with many dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010


(26,00 € pro Liter)

Deep dark red color. A clean nose on black fruits, black berries, strawberry jam, vanilla, cacao and cigar. After a fresh sharp attack, we discover a powerful mouth with a dense structure supported by a good acidity, finishing on medium oak aromas and herbaceous notes typical from the varietal and the barrel aging.

Pays Des Patriaches 2012


(33,33 € pro Liter)

Deep intense color with ruby tints. The nose is a combination of cooked red fruits with overtones of strawberry jam, cloves, white pepper, leather and smoked meat. The attack is clean and round and the mouth then develops nicely ending with a clean and sharp finish with concentrated tannins and torrefaction flavors.

Prestige 2009


(65,33 € pro Liter)

Dark and intense color with purple tints, slightly opaque from the no fining and no filtration process. Nose from a ripe Cabernet Sauvignon, with overtones of prunes, blackberry jam, cherries in brandy, combined with aromas from the barrel aging such as coffee liquor, licorice and mocha. In the mouth, the clean attack is quickly followed by a nice roundness and concentrated velvety tannins.

Seven 2013 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon
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Seven 2013

€14.29 -35% €9.29

(14,74 € pro Liter)

Brilliant pale color with a green tint. This is a blend of seven grapes, it delivers a superb complexity and a wide range of aromas, a very intense nose of fruit, floral and greeny aromas of peach, guava, acacia, citrus, green pepper, mango, gooseberries. The Palate is fresh and crispy with a nice roundness in the mouth. The finish has a great intensity on the fruit and ends with citrus and herbal flavors.

Syrah 2012


(24,00 € pro Liter)

Very deep and intense dark color with intense purple tints typical from a Syrah. The nose shows great complexity with dried fruits, spices, tobacco, caramel, smoked meat and gun powder (pierre à fusil) notes. The mouth is complex with incredible structure intensity, finishing on the fruit and a pleasant acidity.