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  • Vintage: 2017

Sauvignon Blanc 2016


(22,67 € pro Liter)

Bright yellow color with green reflections. A floral bouquet combined with exotic scents of guava, pomelo and citrus in the nose. Crisp and intensive on the palate, which develops a fruity aroma combination of pineapples and nectarines with an enduring taste on the finish.

Grande Reserve White 2012


(30,53 € pro Liter)

The eye is seduced by its pure golden hue. The nose is enticed by an explosion of white flowers, peach and citrus fruits. The palate is enthralled by a nice equilibrium between mellowness and liveliness that leaves a final, equally wooden taste, which gives the wine a highly distinctive character.

Cival 2017


(25,33 € pro Liter)

A bright yellow colour with green reflections. Elegant and intense in the nose with a scent of peach, citrus and exotic fruits. Fruity and well-balanced on the palate with a good structure and unique aromas of fresh and tropical fruits.

Chardonnay 2017


(46,00 € pro Liter)

A bright yellow with golden reflections. Impulsive in the nose with an exotic scent of peach, pineapple and a hints of citrus fruits. Full-bodied, tropical and creamy on the palate with an aromatic taste of white and dried fruits, peach, ripe citrus fruits, mango, annans, honey and oak. A beautiful, silky and elegant Chardonnay

Blanc de Blancs 2017


(16,00 € pro Liter)

Brilliant, clear yellow color with golden reflections. Clear, complex and elegant on the nose with an impulsive and floral bouquet of nutmeg, fresh apricot, peach, watermelon and white flowers. Lively, round and full-bodied on the palate with a fresh and aromatic taste of exotic fruits such as mango and annans, accompanied by honey and lilac.

Blanc Eternel 2017


(17,20 € pro Liter)

Bright yellow colour with green reflections. Fresh and floral on the nose with an explosive bouquet of yellow fruits, peaches and citrus fruits. Fruity, crisp and exotic on the palate with a harmonious taste of white stone fruits, pears and nuts.

Voglia Matta 2017


(39,87 € pro Liter)

Bright straw yellow color with golden reflections. Intense and floral on the nose with an elegant scent of peach, exotic fruits and a balsamic touch of vanilla. Long-lasting, elegant and pleasant on the palate with a pleasant acidity and a creamy taste of honey and banana.